Thursday, August 13, 2015

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The revolution points about the newly China smartphone Redmi 2

If people choose their favorite Handy Zubeh?r, they will usually consider the features such as appearance, workmanship, performance, brand and price. It is indeed that each people want to get the phone which has unique style, exquisite workmanship and low price. However, those three factors could not be easily achieved at the same time during the normally circumstance. But, if you choose Xiaomi Hongmi 2 Quad-Core 4G from, you could easily get the above three points. Now, please read the following information to know the features about this smart phone.
First, the appearance of Redmi 2 is lighter and more compact.

In addition the appearance feeling, you could easily find the light weight of the Redmi 2 by the hand touch feeling. The official data from mode online shop, the totally weight of this phone is only 133g. On the other hand, the thickness of the body of this phone has also been reduced 0.5mm.

Second, the newly screen full lamination technology

At this time, the screen of Redmi 2 has adopted the full lamination technology so the screen and the front panel higher degree of integration in quenching mode. It is indeed that the fully bonded screen could give client the great displaying experience.

Thirdly, the more comfortable back covers.

The factors which could determine whether the phone hand feeling is good or bad could totally be concluded into the size of the cover materials and the workmanship of the cover. If people want to hold their phone without the slipping situation, the good back cover is very necessary.

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